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I am a creative who likes to be flexing all different kinds of muscles as an actor, playwright and teacher. 


Originally from Erie PA, I started acting in community theatre at nine. As a kid, I was shy and I loved being able to live as my more confident characters. 


After graduating with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Ithaca College, I spent seven years in New York pounding the pavement and developing further as an artist; deep diving into the Meisner technique and finding my voice. 


In 2017 my Irish husband and I packed up our apartment in the Financial District and moved with our dog Chewie, to the Northern Irish countryside between the Mourne Mountains and the Irish Sea. 


While New York will always have a special place in my heart, Northern Ireland feeds my creativity in a way I’ve never experienced before and I’ve been able to write more. 


I’m excited by theater that has something to say and ignites the power of possibility. I love politically charged work with feminist themes and magical realism.


I am passionate about creating innovative art, human connections and the perfect pizza

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