How to Transcend ... Production Canceled

March 2020

Like so many other theatre productions during this crazy time, PACA has decided to cancel its production of How to Transcend a Happy Marriage due to the Covid-19 epidemic. 

While everyone involved is clearly very disappointed by this news, it seems the most responsible choice given the current situation

How to Transcend a Happy Marriage

March 2020

Abbe is heading back to PACA for the role of Pip in Sarah Ruhl's brilliant play How to Transcend a Happy Marriage


At a dinner party in New Jersey, two couples discuss polyamory as brought up by the introduction of a new temp, Pip, in Jane’s office. When they invite Pip and her two male partners, discussion turns to action and the exploration of unexplored desire turns animalistic, and then Jane’s daughter sees it all. How to Transcend a Happy Marriage blurs the lines of monogamy and asks how deeply friends, lovers, and strangers connect. 

Meisner In Mourne - Acting for Adults

February 2020

Acting Class for Adults: Introduction to Meisner Technique

Abbe will be offering an introductory course in the Meisner technique starting in February. No experience is necessary and beginners are encouraged to give it a try.


The class will focus on Personal Monologues, Repetition and Independent Life Activities. 

Follow us on Facebook for the most up to date info! 

Power NI Commercial

January 2020

This cool mom is getting ready for a road trip with the family! 


Abbe recently shot a fun commercial for Power NI, Northern Irelands leading electricity energy provider.


Directed by Glenn Leyburn. 

Whipped into Shape!

December 2019

Abbe is getting whipped into shape for the Bosco Drama group's production of Legally Blonde. 

Not only will she be playing the role of Brooke Windham, she will also be Assistant Directing! 

Straeon International Acting Workshop

July 2019

Abbe had the pleasure of participating in the Straeon Five-Day International Acting Intensive in Dublin. 

The technique created by Isabel Lehoux and Jock MacDonald, originated in Toronto. It is a highly personal technique, tailored to each individual actor. It centers around the concept that we are all inherent storytellers and the actor must get out of the way and let the character take over. 

An American Daughter

April 2019

Abbe returns to the PACA stage as in the neo-feminist Quincy Quince in Wendy Wasserstein's An American Daughter. 

When the President of the United States nominates Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes to the position of Surgeon General, the excavation of her past triggers a scandal that threatens her confirmation. As partisan politics play out, Lyssa's deep personal relationships and impressive career trajectory hang in the balance. 

Playwrighting Workshop at The Crescent Belfast

January 2019

Starting the new year off right with a playwrighting course with leading Irish playwright, Jo Egan. 


Jo Egan has worked in both the professional and community theatre sector in Northern Ireland as playwright, producer and director. Her most recent play, Madame Geneva premiered at the Lyric, Belfast in May 2017. She is currently the Artistic Director of Macha Productions. 

New Representation!

Februray 2018

Abbe is thrilled to be signed with Jenny Martin at Premier Artists, the oldest talent agency in Northern Ireland! 

This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership. 

Voice-Over Demo

December 2017

Abbe is joining the voice-over world!


Thanks to the lovely Megan MacPhee for helping curate this new demo and teaching her the ins and outs of the voice-over style. 

Louise Kiely Casting Workshop

December 2017

An amazing day spent with Darren Thornton (director of critically acclaimed film, A Date for Mad Mary) and Thyrza Ging from Louise Kiley Casting. 

What a wonderful way to begin this new chapter! 

She Made the Move!

November 2017

Abbe is now living in Northern Ireland!

What a change from the streets of New York City! She still travels back to NY several times a year but is excited to immerse herself in the vibrant Irish film and theatre scene. 

Commited Citizen at B-Side's Salon Series

September 2017

So excited that Committed Citizen will be a part of B-Side Theatrical's Salon Series organized by Charlie Johnson and hosted by the one and only, Jasper Grant. 

The readers for the evening are: 

Ann Arvia - ROBERTA
Kristen Gehling - ANNE
Alana Rader - WOMAN 1
Madge Dietrich - WOMAN 2
Anamari Mesa - WOMAN 3

Nicole Kang - WOMAN 4

It certainly will be a night of great discussion and theater. 

Unshelved at NYU

May 2017

Abbe was thrilled to be a part of NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program's zany new musical Unshelved

Music by Xiaodan Zhang, lyrics by Emily Chiu, book by Keurim C Hur with direction from Gina Rattan 

Two minor characters in a YA novel named Harper and Spork discover they are on a magical shelving cart that allows them to travel to other books overnight. When her younger sister Spork runs off, Harper must brave the unknown and bring her back before the library opens, they are reshelved, and Spork is lost forever.

Rave Reviews for Committed Citizen!

April 2017

Committed Citizen was a HUGE success!! The production had a sold out run and rave reviews!


Here are a few select quotes:

"This play is riveting — a must-see piece of art regardless of political affiliations"

- Erie Times News

"Full of insight and humor"

- Eri Jams 

"Grapples with the issue of abortion from several unique perspectives"

- Erie Reader 

Committed Citizen

March 2017

Abbe just finished a new play!

Roberta, a politically active New Yorker in her 70's hires a personal organizer to help her tackle the clutter of her Chelsea apartment. While organizing mountains of untouched papers they discover letters from Roberta's work in an underground abortion clinic in the 70's. Letters from from women all over the country desperate for abortions. Women asking for help.

The play strives to shatter preconceived notions and stereotypes of the kinds of women that seek out abortions. Join in the discussion as women from two different generations discuss feminism, abortion, and what is means to be of service of the world. 

Check out our Indiegogo campaign and like us on Facebook!

#IRockedThatPerformance Winner!

July 2016

Abbe had a blast rocking out to Carrie Underwood's Something in the Water for Week 7 of Sheri Sander's Instagram Challenge. 


Sheri posed a challenge to her instagram followers: Each week (for 8 weeks) she would announce a new rock song from a different genera and ask for a capella covers. Sheri herself picked the winners who would receive a FREE rock class with Sheri, $50 gift certificate to Rock The Performance AND $100 cash!

Not only did Abbe enter... SHE WON! Abbe can't wait to have her free rock class with the rock goddess herself! 

Heidi Miami Marshall's On Camera Class

June 2016

Abbe will be taking a four week on camera intensive with the one and only Heidi Miami Marshall! 

Heidi's career has spanned 20 years as a professional Director, Casting Director, and Actor Coach. She began as the lead Casting Director at TELSEY + CO for the musical RENT on Broadway and around the world. While there she cast over 70 productions of theater, film, tv, commercials, and voice-overs.

Heidi is proficient in many mediums – film, TV, live theater & events, reality, documentary – and particularly enjoys guiding actors through their process.  She has guided performances to mega positive reviews on Broadway (American Idol star Fantasia in THE COLOR PURPLE) to actors booking prime TV and Feature Films 

Improv with Lindsay Calleran

April 2016

Abbe is diving full force back into improv with the one and only Lindsay Calleran.


Lindsay has been studying and performing long-form improv since 2007. She currently performs weekly at The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre on the legendary “Harold Night” and tours the country with the UCB TourCo. She believes that the magic of improv comes from unconditional and unwavering support of one another’s ideas and encourages everyone who doesn’t like the sound of that to try stand up! She hears it’s great!

Bennett House Reading

November 2015

Just finished up playing Mary Bronte in a reading of Bennett House, a new musical version of Pride and Prejudice, by Eric Dente and David Aaron Austin (upcoming Beaches on Broadway), and directed by Joe Barros (Associate Director to Eric Schaeffer on Gigi).



Back to Class!

September 2015

Abbe is thrilled to be returning to class. This time she has found herself in Matthew Corozone's acting studio, MCS is Midtown Manhattan.

Based in the Meisner Technique, MCS teaches “the reality of doing and finding the truth within yourself”. Great actors trust their instincts and impulses fully, and respond truthfully from their humanity. In doing so, MCS cultivates a new generation of professional artists that are currently working in Broadway, Hollywood, television, film, and live theatre regional and international.

Beth and Charly

June 2015

Had an amazing day filming on the set of Beth and Charly, an up and coming webseries created by the hilarious and talented Elizabeth Seldin and Shauna Goodgold.


Charly is a child star on a comeback and Beth is her friend-sistant. A web-series about codependency, dysfunction, fame, and kombucha.


Can't wait to binge watch this one!

The Last Five Years

February 2015

Abbe will be traveling north to New Brunswick to join RoundTable Theatricals' productuction of The Last Five Years!  Can't wait to take on this fantastic Jason Robert Brown musical. 

Killer Venus Opening

November 2014

What an amazing opening night! All the hard work certainly payed off, Venus in Fur is a huge success. Abbe is looking forward to the rest of this fantastic run! Don't miss out...

New Representation!

October 2014



Abbe's excited to announce that she will now be represented by Rikky Fishbein at

The Hybrid Agency! 

Venus In Fur

July 2014

This November Abbe will be performing her dream role of Vanda in David Ives's play Venus in Fur


Playwright Thomas Novachek is at a loss. There are simply no actresses talented enough to play his leading lady. Then in walks Vanda, a mysterious siren with the uncanny ability to inhabit his character. All bets are off when the audition quickly escalates into a seductive power play. With loads of cheek and a hint of the erotic, Venus in Fur keeps you on the edge of your seat as you question "who is really in charge here?"


Columbia Film Shoot

March 2014

Abbe had a wonderful time as adulterus Sandrine from Kieslowski's trilogy Three Colours, from the film Blue with up and coming Columbia film director Pernille Hellevik.


Footage coming soon!

Disney Cruise Line

March 2013

Anchors Away! Sailing the Mediterranean for the summer Abbe will be performing as Mainstage Singer onboard the Disney Magic! Portraying such memorable characters as Mary Poppins and Cinderella!


Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story, a Broadway-style, song

and-dance extravaganza which re-imagines the classic Cinderella story.

*Villains Tonight!, a brand new comedic revue-style show starring the

best of the worst Disney villains. Written By. Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell

Creators and Stars of Broadway's [title of show].

*Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic, an award-winning, musical

celebrating the value of dreams, starring some of your favorite Disney Characters.


*The Dream Goes On--This show tells the story of the man who started it all, Walt Disney. From his early conceptions, the premiere of Snow White, and the opening of Disneyland to the wonderful creations that continue on even after his death.


*Once Upon a Song-- Is a medley style show featuring five performers. Filled with classic disney songs from an array of memorable movies such as Mary Poppins, Enchanted, Mulan, and many many more.

Adam Dates Women

February 2013

Ever have a bad date that just wont quit? A up and coming new series Adam Dates Women based on the popular Podcast, shows us just that. Abbe is featured in two of the pivotal episodes where adam gets wrapped up with a Stage5 Clinger!  

Next Step Audition Workshop

November 2012

Hand selected to be apart of The Next Audition Workshop, having the opportunity to work with such esteemed casting directors: Nikole Vallins, Adam Caldwell, and Justin Huff. Exploring Contemporary/Classical musical theater as well as TV and Film. This 8 week intensive brings many new doors and opportunity and a great start to a new year!  

Pistoles For Two, Tea For One

September 2012

Working in front of the camera, Abbe will be featured in the short film Pistoles For Two, Tea For One, Directed by Jason Brescia. This project focuses on a movement across the country for young artists and college students to ask the age old question “What happens after college ?”

Boardwalk Empire

June 2012

Abbe is very excited to be Featured in HBO's hit show Boardwalk Empire. Catch her on your DVRs airing in November (episode 308). 

Trouble: A New Rock Musical

June 2012

Appearing at the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) at The Signature Center as Hannah in Trouble: The New Rock Musical.

7 Friends, 24 Hours OMG so much trouble! Star-crossed lovers, Nick and Jen, find their love threatened by something unexpected. Perfect girl Hannah is hiding a secret from her boyfriend, James, who wants to rekindle things with his ex, Sarah. She, on the other hand, is just trying to move on. Meanwhile, never-been-kissed Joe is striking up drama with the hottest guy in school. After tonight, nothing will ever be the same...It's time for Trouble.

Frankie & Zel

May 2012

Performing in the new musical “Frankie and Zel” written by Leah Miles and Donny Codden, graduates of the NYU's Musical Theatre Writing Department.


Frankie and Zel--the story of two over-the-hill broads who find adventure and friendship on a zany senior citizen bus trip to Atlantic City.


Scares and Demons

May 2012

Abbe will be starring in NYU's new student film Scars and Demons


Scars and Demons focuses on the struggle of Dylan, a regular college student living by himself with a dark secret. The story is inspired by the brave Jamey Rodemeyer, who struggled with bullying in school for being gay. Dylan has to deal with the choices that he has made in his life up until this point. Davey Meyer's story forces Dylan to go on a wild journey. 

To Catch A Predator

December 2011

A New work by Danielle Clare Pomorski, featured at the Poetry Club Art Space, will show a different side to Abbe. Dark comedy thriller filled with laughs and a surprise ending. This will be a show not to be missed. 

Acres Of Clams

November 2011

ANT Fest 2011 at ARS NOVA will premiere Acres of Clams, A tour through the complex, damp and poignant history of Washington State. Written by Arm and El Beau, this electric pageant of Folk music, indie rock, dancing crabs and lumberjacks will light up the stage and leave you wanting to vacation in this history filled state called Washington.  

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie National Tour

January 2011

Abbe will be hitting the road with Theatreworks USA's Production of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (& Other Story Books). Touring the country, bringing books to life for artists young and old.


TheatreworksUSA presents a sparkling musical revue based on popular children's books, including:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (by Laura Joffe Numeroff) When a boy shares his snack with a hungry, demanding mouse, he learns a hilarious lesson about cause-and-effect.

Amazing Grace (by Mary Hoffman) Follow young Grace as she attempts to break stereotypes in an effort to play the title character in her school's production of Peter Pan.

Borreguita and the Coyote (by Verna Aardema) The classic Mexican tale of a little lamb, or borreguita, who uses her wits to escape a hungry coyote.

Imogene's Antlers (by David Small) Young Imogene is delighted to wake up with "cool" antlers, but soon discovers that her parents and school principals do not share her enthusiasm.

Martha Speaks (by Susan Meddaugh) The adventurous tale of a family dog who literally becomes outspoken after dining on alphabet soup.

Master Man (by Aaron Shepard) A man whose muscles are as big as his ego earns his comeuppance when he claims to be the world's strongest man in this Nigerian tall tale.

Math Curse (by Jon Scieszka) This story playfully addresses the phobia some kids have when tackling seemingly impossible math problems.

Owen (by Kevin Henkes) Owen just can't bear to part with his beloved blanket, Fuzzy - a problem, since he is about to start kindergarten. Owen's understanding mother provides a clever solution.

Unville Brazil

April 2011

Post apoplectic view of life: Unville Brazil with FullStop Collective. Written by Patrick Shaw


A mysterious Stranger tells the musical Founder’s Tale of how a lovesick HR rep, a married couple, and a seagull transform their poetry, air-dropped trash, and a corporate overlord into the world’s next perfect place: The anti-city of Unville Brazil!

Get The Milk Out (Santa Claus Is Back)

December 2010

Appearing on the “Naughty List” in the Viral Video hit “Get the Milk Out (Santa Claus is Back)!!” (over 7,500 views)  

HSRT 2010 Summer Season

June 2010

Returning for her second Season at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre, Starring in Alred Urey's The Last Night of Ballyhoo, Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods, and Eugene Labiche and Marc-Michel's An Italian Straw Hat.


Directed By; Ballyhoo: Daina Robins

                        Into the Woods: David Colacci

                        Straw Hat: Jim Daniels

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